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If imaginario (Spanish for imaginary) is a set of symbolic images with which we define a mental reality from elements from our past and present, PRE_IMAGINARIO wants to be the step in which past and present get defined and focus on a future vision of this reality. 

Through the projects, architecture composes in the time this set. A set of practical imaginaries to approach the topics which belong to architecture and wich build the city. Today, the year 2020 establishes a turning point to rethink if these imaginaries from which we work for the construction of the reality in which we live are still appropriate for the plural context in which the world is moving since now.


PRE_IMAGINARIOS, is a way to ask ourselves that question through a shared collection of images. A way of proposing a new starting point from which to begin talking about architecture and the city after 2020. From the images that have been part of our work and the direction of our ideas during the past years.

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