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PRE_IMAGINARIOS is a collective exhibition, organized by a plural team of former students and architects from the schools of architecture and design of Zaragoza. It is an attempt to absorb gazes to stimulate the city’s and the school’s architectural panoramas with new visions and ideas contained in the images, allowing to tend relations from the unprecedented encounter of this images and the diversity of their origins.


​PRE_IMAGINARIOS is an invitation to be part of a first reflection on architecture and the city after 2020, from which the organizing team and the participants can begin to understand the dimension in which we move to think about it, and the total of perspectives that are present today in the reality of our work.


Members of the organizing team:

Manuel García-Lechuz

Clara Dobón

Antonio de Clemente

Elena Comeras

Diego Ibáñez

Berta Soriano

Felipe Sancho

Elisa Soriano

Alejandro Díaz

Marta Molins

Diego Catena

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