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Through the massive collection of images of architecture and city projects produced by students and professionals on the discipline during the last five years, we intend to promote the creation of a complete atlas of them from which to elaborate the PRE-MAGINARIES that the exhibition proposes.


After an Open Call open to students and professionals, and the subsequent selection of the material by the organizing team, a sample of the collective imaginary of images received will be exhibited in a space to be specified in the city of Zaragoza, Spain. This exhibition will be organized within the framework of the annual Architecture Week (September 2020) and will have the collaboration of different schools and organizations of architecture and design.



Open Call

From June 29th 2020 to September 15th 2020


Communication to participants

Week of August 20th 2020 


Celebration of the exhibition during the Architecture Week in Zaragoza:

September 2020

In Zaragoza, on July 1st, 2020


To participate in the exhibition, participants must send 3 originally produced images of architecture projects developed between 2015 and 2020 which contribute to their vision of the city, architecture and the future of both. Along with the images, participants are also asked to send a reference image, about or not architecture, as well as a short commentary. All of which must be sent using the online form opened by the organizers for this purpose which can be found in the web


The call is open to any student, graduate and/or professional studio dedicated to the disciplines of architecture, urbanism and interior design who wishes to participate by sending images of their projects that may contain, in the participant's opinion, their own vision of alternatives for the city and for architecture. Through this images the collective imaginary will be elaborated. 

Two types of participation are open: students/graduates and professional studios. Participation will be exclusively in one of the two modalities.


The participation in the Open Call ensures the selection of at least one image sent per participant to be part of the imaginary exposed. More images may be selected depending on the amount of images received in the open call.


All the graphic formats associated with architectural practice are admitted, under the only condition of not taking more edition than the one that generates the image itself: plan, elevation, section, perspective, sketch, collage, render, model photo


In .PNG or .JPG format, in a maximum size of 7Mb per image and a minimum resolution of 200ppp.


Atlas Mnemosyne / Aby Warburg, 1929



The exhibition is organized by a group of young architects and former students of architecture and interior design of Zaragoza, with the institutional support of the main academic and administrative bodies linked to the field of architecture in the city: 


- COAA (Architects Council of Aragon)

- EINA-Unizar (Zaragoza University School of Architecture)

- San Jorge University School of Architecture and Technology

- Interior design department of ESDA (Aragon Design School)

- Other teachers, professionals and organisations related to architecture and design


Managed by:



The participants are responsible for the originality and authorship of the images they present, and guarantee that they legitimately hold all the intellectual property rights over them; in this sense, they guarantee the peaceful use by Sociedad ARTE E INVESTIGACIÓN CULTURAL SLU and expressly exempt it from any responsibility for damages and/or harm that, directly or indirectly, the breach by them of this guarantee could cause. 


The team of PRE____IMAGINARIOS may use the images sent by the participants for the assembly and content of the exhibition, therefore, they transfer the right to reproduce them for the maximum time permitted by law, for a worldwide geographical area, for the publication on paper and digital support of brochures, catalogues or publications compiling the activity. 


The participants expressly authorize the PRE____IMAGINARIOS team to use their name in the manner they consider appropriate within the purposes of the following call.



The participants accept that the personal data provided by virtue of the present call will be incorporated into a file owned by Sociedad ARTE E INVESTIGACIÓN CULTURAL SLU, with address for this purpose at Calle Pontevedra 18, 3Izq, 50007, Zaragoza, in order to manage this call, its administrative management and its documentation. In the event that the participant provides personal data of other people who collaborate with they, they must have their consent for the communication of their data to the organizing team of PRE____IMAGINARIOS with the same purpose.

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